I am a Virginia-based wedding photographer who traded in my training as a therapist and years of planning events to provide classic & kind-hearted couples with an extraordinary wedding photography experience that allows them to focus on what really matters and gives them photos that will be treasured for generations. My work has been featured in local publications such as Bayfront Living and Little Neck Living, and I am well known for my engaging personality and light-filled, authentic style of photography.

I've been married to the love of my life for over a decade and together we make our own adventures with our 3 children and beloved rescue pup, Molly. 

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WHO I am

Photography for me is an expression of all the things I value: people, real moments, joy, connection, true love. It's the culmination of my life experience in art form. I love that I can create from my heart and help others hold onto the moments that matter the most. My work is more than just pretty pictures, it is valuable because it is REAL.

When I'm not fluffing a wedding dress or cuddling a newborn, I am probably out exploring nature with my 3 children or enjoying a good glass of wine with the love of my life. 

"I love that I can create from my heart and help others hold onto the moments that matter the most."

I started by photographing details of my newborn son: tiny toes, big yawns, first steps. As I began to document other people's little moments, I was inspired by their unique expressions of love. Over time, I knew that I had found my place in capturing the small moments of life's biggest events.


what I believe

my photo philosophy

every moment matters

The little things are the big things

everyone's story is beautiful

i believe you can have (your timeless photograph of) your cake and eat it, too.

what i believe

When I was younger, one of my favorite things to do was pull out the box of prints and albums from my childhood and spend hours looking through them. The precious memories contained within were a treasure trove of laughter, joy, and adventure. They never failed to transport me back to a simpler time, when everything felt carefree.

But life isn't always easy and carefree. Sometimes, we face  challenges that we never expected. When I was a teenager, my mom went through a difficult period of depression. It felt like the laughter and warmth we had once shared was just a distant memory.

During that time, those old photo albums were a source of comfort and solace for me. As I flipped through the pages and relived those happy moments, I could feel my mom's laughter and love all over again. It gave me hope that things would get better, that joy and happiness were still within reach.

That's the power of timeless photography. The images hold the memories of a lifetime, and can bring comfort, joy, and hope even in the darkest of times.

Thankfully, my mom's smile did return, and her warmth and laughter once again filled our lives. And as we add more albums filled with new memories, I am reminded of the incredible power of photography.

As I began to grow in my artistry, I realized that the work I was creating was different than other photographers. My own experiences had given me a unique perspective. I personally knew the true value of capturing those special moments and it made my work stand out.

Today, my photography is about more than just taking pretty pictures. It's about capturing the essence of what truly matters, and creating timeless memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

That's why I love serving couples on the day their story begins. It's the perfect way for me to use my unique perspective to create images that come straight from the heart. And when I see the joy and hope that those images bring to others, it reminds me that this is exactly what I was made to do.

my unexpected story

I didn't seek to become a timeless wedding photographer, buT I've discovered that creating heartfelt images of life's most significant moments is the perfect fit for me. Now, I can't imagine doing anything else.

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anything Taylor Swift

salty ocean air

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Margs          /            WINE

Glamping        /        Camping

Roses          /        peonies

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Margs                /                 WINE

Glamping            /           Camping

Roses               /             peonies

night in             /         night out

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I'll take my coffee with one cream and one sugar, please!

I adore live jazz music, especially outdoors on a summer evening.

I believe wine is better with friends!

I am team cilantro. yum!

My love language is Kate Spade New York.

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