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Virginia Beach Engagement Session | Sally & Chad

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We only had about 20 minutes for Sally & Chad’s Virginia Beach Oceanfront engagement session. The sun had slipped behind the clouds and we were losing light FAST. Luckily, I’ve worked on my portrait session flow and knew that 20 minutes is more than enough time to capture the best of each couple. We made it work for us!

Even if we weren’t racing the fading light, sometimes couples (*ahem* grooms) don’t want to spend more than just a few minutes taking portraits. I totally understand this! It can feel awkward or just not be your favorite thing. My own husband only has about a half an hour of photo taking in him before he’s ready to call it quits. I’ve learned that it is a-okay to prefer shorter to longer. It’s the quality that matters.

I really want you to enjoy taking your photos and love the quality of the images you receive, so I plan our time together to be efficient and fun. Most of my posing is gesture-based and focuses on the two of you interacting with each other. No static, stiff poses for me! I work quickly, adjust slightly, and move on. If you only want 20 minutes, we’ll get the best in that time.

For those of you who enjoy taking photos and want to spend a bit longer on the session, we will slow down and savor the moments or add an additional location to capture some variety. Engagement sessions are usually longer to leave time to get to know one another and have more options to showcase your personalities.

Whether you prefer quick and efficient or slow and focused, I will deliver timeless images that help you remember how it all felt.

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