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Virginia Beach Wedding | Brandon & Tina

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I have never met a more joyful couple than Brandon & Tina. When they initially met, Tina was very interested but Brandon didn’t think anything would come of their relationship. Luckily, they were in the same group of friends and after a few nudges and more time to get to know one another, the two hit it off. Since then, they have never stopped smiling. They officially tied the knot on a warm July day at the Culpepper Barn in Virginia Beach.

I love that Tina & Brandon chose to have a few non-traditional moments on their wedding day. The first non-traditional moment was in the morning when they decided to get together, just the two of them, and decorate their own getaway car. Brandon texted Tina early in the morning, “can I see you before you get ready?” and that was all they needed. When I asked both of them about it later in the day they enthusiastically said it was worth it.

The next non-traditional moment they had was not one, but two first kisses. They kept the traditional kiss after being pronounced husband and wife and then also snuck in a first kiss after taking communion as a married couple. These two are deeply committed to their faith, so the second first kiss was extra important to them. It was so sweet and definitely a unique twist on the ceremony!

Brandon & Tina were made for one another. Their smiles were infectious and their joy was effervescent. I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

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